Report national weekend U19

Zondag 3 februari

De trainingsessie op zondag was scherp. Iedereen speelde op zijn beste niveau en dat zou vandaag ook nodig zijn, want in de namiddag volgde een wedstrijd tegen Juventus Bianconeri, kampioen in divisie 2. De focus was veel beter dan zaterdag en zowel de opwarmingsoefeningen als de tactische oefeningen verliepen veel vlotter.

The only place 'success' comes before 'work' is in the dictionary

Report national weekend U19

Report national weekend

The third national weekend was organised in Tielt and Affligem. The staff would like to thank Tielt and Juventus for providing their accommodation and for the matches. We also wish to thank the referees. This time we worked with a smaller selection and in total 24 players were selected. It was the first time that there were matches on the program. Saturday we played against Fireballs Tielt and Sunday against Juventus Bianconeri. After a brief discussion of the staff's expectations for this weekend and next season we started the training session.

Saturday, April 27


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