Referee education season 2017-2018

With regard to the referee education for the season 2017-2018, the following applies: 


1. There will be two sessions of the beginners referee course (+ exam): 


1.1 Dutch Beginners Course (+ exam):  

A session on Saturday 6 May, 13:00-16:30 or a session on Sunday 3 September, 13:00-16:30
- Location: Sporthal De Ponte (Tielt) 
- Instructors: Stefan Dossche and Mathieu Florin. 


1.2 French Beginners Course (+ exam): 

Cup Quarter-Finals 26/02/2017

There was a change in the schedule of the Cup games next Sunday (26/02): the games will start 30 minutes earlier than initially scheduled.
Find the new schedule here:

Coach female national team

The Belgian Floorball Federation is looking for someone who would be interested to start coaching a future female national team on volunteers basis. 

Coaches from Belgium or abroad are welcome! Requirements are a great motivation, and availability during the weekends of 4 & 5 February 2017 and 22 & 23 April 2017. 

We are still at the very beginning so there will be lots of work but we're all excited to start this project! 

D1 games 10/12/2016 and 11/12/2016

This is the schedule of the D1 games what will be played this weekend: 


Saturday 10/12/2016

18:00 Black Cobras - RLH => Referees: Tornado (Karlis Moors + Karel Weigl)

Address: Centre Sportif Solvay – Rue Général de Gaulle 53 – 1310 La Hulpe


Sunday 11/12/2016

11:00 Strijtem - Juventus => Referees: Atom Eagles (Evelien Camphyn + Patrick Van den Driessche) 

13:00 Tigers - Atom Eagles => Referees: Aalst (Jordy Stevens + Maarten De Schryver) 

National transfers between two Rounds (BFF League Rule 5.2)

Only players in the Adult League and the Women League can transfer from one club to another between the two Rounds.
A transferred player can only be registered for the League if he or she can be registered before the deadline of the first game of the second Round.

Transfer periods:
- Adults League 19/12/2016 - 22/01/2017
- Women League 11/12/2016 - 15/01/2017

Change in time schedule U16 games on 19/11/2016

FBC Stimulo Denderleeuw organises the U16 games that will take place on 19/11. Because of some restraints in the availability of their sports hall, the updated planning of the games looks as follows:


08:30   FT Atom Eagles - FBC Stimulo Denderleeuw

10:30   Juventus Floorball Club - Les Renards de La Hulpe

12:30   FC Kraainem Tigers - TMD Aalst Black

14:30   Floorballteam Strijtem - TMD Aalst White

16:30   Fireballs Tielt - Les Panthers de Hannut

Please send all questions/remarks with regard to the BFF app, BFF website, encodage, results of the games, match events, ranking, players numbers etc. to this email address :

Final planning of this weekend

Advanced referee course on Saturday 17/09:

9:30-12:30 Course 

12:30-13:30 Lunch break

13:30-15:00 Course

15:00-15:30 Exam 

Match secretariat course on Saturday 17/0915:30-18:00 (compulsory for one person of each club) 

Advanced referee course on Sunday 18/09:

9:30-12:30 Course 

12:30-13:30 Lunch break

13:30-15:00 Course

15:00-15:30 Exam

Observer course on Sunday 18/09: 15:30-18:30 (...)

Women League and Adult League - Transfers to new clubs for the season 2016 - 2017

Transfers between the end of the season and 30th June

Players in the Adult and Women League can transfer freely between the end of the season and 30th June. The players have to send an e-mail to BFF ( communicating that they want to probably quit their club on 30th June latest.

After 30th June BFF will inform the clubs which of their players have made such a request.

BFF Cup Final 2015-2016

The BFF Cup Final 2015-2016 will take place this afternoon in La Hulpe. The match Juventus Floorball Club - Tornado Brussels Floorball Club will be played at 17:00. The address: Rue Général de Gaulle 53, 1310 La Hulpe.


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