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Belgian Floorball Federation

Referee Development Group

Submitted by Rossana on Tue, 10/23/2018 - 12:12
Referee Development Group

Dear Belgian Floorball community,

Do you like refereeing and feel like you want to develop? Then we have the perfect initiative for you!

The Referee Development Group aims to increase the level of refereeing, make refereeing more approachable and empower the people who like doing it. The more referees in this Group, the more we will be able to move from a tournament format (multiple games of many different teams on the same day) to home-and-away games.

Last but not least, the BFF aims to have international-level referees during the next five years: It could be you!

So - regardless of whether you have an A, B, or C licence - if you want to develop as a referee, whistle more games and improve your general leadership and communication skills, join us!

Have any questions? Contact us at:

Sign up by filling out this form before 7 November: 
We will contact you!