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Belgian Floorball Federation

NT Weekend November

Submitted by Rossana on Mon, 10/29/2018 - 11:04
Belgium NT

The selection for the next training weekend (10 and 11 November 2018) of the Belgian National Floorball Team: 

Lucas Balcinhas
Arpad Berteloot
Alec Boutmans
Luca Boutmans
Sam Camphyn 
Evert Coppieters
Daan De Leersnyder
Niels De Ryck 
Thomas De Saedeleer
Quentin Docquier
Maxim Franceus
Brent Ghekiere 
Rupert Hoop
François Lambert
Johannes Samyn 
Joris Sinnaeve
Jordy Stevens 
Martin Tombal
Arnaud Troch
Florian Wéry 
Quinten Wéry
Thomas Wilmus
William Georges
Luca Vande Walle

Four additional spots are available on 10 November for players who want to prove their skills for the National Team. If you're up for the challenge, send an e-mail to!